What We Do

Technology Product Development


You have an idea

It could be an app, an integration between two systems, a way to make your business work more efficiently or even just looking at a new system. If it’s to do with technology, we can help.
Over the past years we have prototyped, proved concepts and built products, handing them off to happy production support teams.

Teamscāl helps you design, prototype and build your product to enable your business to scale and grow.

Teamscāl can help you grow by building scale on top of your innovation


Dial an Exchange (DAE) is a leading timeshare company across the globe. We have been providing this company with ongoing business technology support since 2013. This has included prototyping future state solutions as well as providing CTO level consultancy and managing offshore development efforts.


Teamscāl were engaged to design and manage the development of a green-fields cloud-based Clinic/Practice Management System for Allied Health Professionals. Managing communication between cross-functional teams in Philippines, Vietnam and Australia including stakeholder and budget management.

Dineable App

Teamscāl were engaged to design and manage the development of a green-fields cloud-based web application for a startup based in Philadelphia, USA. The application provides users with an opportunity input any dietary restrictions they may have, create a dietary profile which can then be forwarded to participating restaurants as part of an advanced booking process.

Custodian Wealth Management

Teamscāl has been providing e-commerce solutions, digital marketing & business technology consulting and support since 2014 with a strong focus towards growing and protecting their digital footprint.

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