BloggingWe’re not all having a break.

We’re not all having a break.

Be kind. Log a ticket.
I know there are a lot of people who have lost their jobs over this pandemic. I’m sympathetic, and I’m so anxious for the state of business and society in the next few months. 
I – and so many other people in IT – have spent the last couple of weeks helping people who have never worked from anywhere other than their desk at an office switching to work remotely.
This hasn’t just been about people sitting at the kitchen table or a spare room instead of their desk. We’ve had to educate them on how to do a video call, what a VPN *actually* is, how to let go of their H: drives, how to position webcams so they’re not showing dirty laundry, and oh so many other non-technical issues.
Along with that, we’ve been hard at work cutting costs, calling vendors and talking about what options are available, trying to find immediate cost savings and free or lower-cost alternatives to tools that are in use every day. Then switching people over only to hear “this isn’t how it used to work”.
I get it. I still have a job – unlike so many others. But I run my own company, and that means I’m also on the receiving end of terminated contracts and difficult conversations. I’m scared for the future of my company and my team.
I’m exhausted and anxious, and there is no way I’ve got the time to learn a new skill, pivot or relax like the “guru’s” are saying on LinkedIn. I’m not an emergency or healthcare worker; they are the true heroes. 
I’m just a guy who works in technology. 
We will continue resetting your passwords for the 15th time. We will reboot the server because it’s running slow. We’ll find a way for you to share whiteboard doodles while you’re trying to work out how to save your business. And we’ll track down that file that you can’t find.
Just be kind*. Thanks.
(* And maybe log a ticket.)
Michael Lobb works tirelessly to help clients solve business problems using technology and heads up a team of developers, designers and miscellaneous nerds at Teamscāl. In his spare time, he likes long walks in the park with his dogs, Chappie and Pocky.

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