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David and Michael discuss the current COVID-19 issues and add some tips around working from home, and the heightened level of cybersecurity threats that are happening. Ai threats, social threats and enabling businesses to understand and quantify those threats. They cover company pitching and why it shouldn’t put you to sleep.  Contact Michael on Twit

In today’s episode, David and Michael discuss IT contractors costing the Australian Federal Government over $1b per year, how the State of Victoria is using AI to detect Cardiac Arrest in Emergency Services, we talk about Clickbait and mistakes made during website builds. We then chat more about the Cybertruck and a new competitor – […]

In this episode of Nerds out of Water, David and Michael discuss AI and Machine Learning in film selection and the implications to Firefly fans, the superiority of Drone displays to fireworks on Guy Fawkes night, the end of Windows 7 and how your computer will be hacked this time, cleaning your grubby devices AND […]