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BloggingSEO best practices: backlink strategy explained

SEO best practices: backlink strategy explained

There are two major factors in Search Engine Optimisation: Relevance and Reputation. Reputation can be gained by having sites – especially high-ranking sites – link back to your website. It is a major factor in building authority and boosting rankings in search engine results pages. When combined with other SEO strategies like technical and on-page optimisation, link building can be a real asset to skyrocket your ranking.

A carefully run backlink strategy is one of the main factors that make one page rank higher than its competitors. So, it’s crucial to recognise the significance of link building as a component of a high-quality SEO plan. This post will explain in detail what link building is, how it benefits your website, and how you should carry on the campaign.

What link building is and why it is important for your website

Link building is essentially the process of building links from other websites to your own. With link building, you are increasing the quantity of valuable inbound links by having other websites link to yours. It is important to understand that search engines work by crawling pages to discover new links and determine the reputation of this content by the number of quality links pointing back to it. A link from other sources to your site informs Google that your website is a reliable source of information on the topic and worthy of citation. The better the link quality, the higher your site’s value in the eyes of Google.

Think about links as a vote. A vote testifies how good the content that it links to is. A site with a healthy number of votes looks good for Google, and they will promote the site to their users in the SERPs. This means you will rank higher on the SERPs, and your visibility will increase. With your audiences being able to find your website in the first few pages of their search query, you will get more clicks, driving more traffic to your website.

Having higher visibility also increases your brand exposure. From people’s blogs to search queries, your audience is getting familiar with your brand name, building better brand awareness in the long term.

How to find high-quality links

Acquiring high-quality links is not simple. Google has become more adept at identifying artificial connection patterns over time. The search engine is much better at determining the links that are not helpful to users. This is why outdated link-building techniques like spamming comments and forum posting are no longer effective.

Today, to get high-quality backlinks for SEO, the links should be:

  • Natural
  • Informational, Educational and Helpful
  • Match User Intents
  • Organic
  • Trustworthy

The best effort to generate high-quality, organic link-building is by creating helpful and evergreen content on your website. Think about shareable content that many people would want to refer to. Here are some tips for creating backlink-worthy content:

Blog: One of the easiest ways to create compelling and shareable content is through a blog. Write compelling, unique, and informative content that people will want to link to naturally. Promote your blog through social media to let people know about it! 

Guest Posts: Take an opportunity to do guest posts in a magazine, news channels, or other people’s blogs and include links to your website within the content. 

Featured Review: Collaborate with bigger blogs or online media to review your product, service, or website and get them to link to your site. 

Images: Put attention-grabbing images on your page and make sure it’s easily shareable with social media buttons (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, URL Link, etc.) 

Infographics: Often, infographics perform better than images and blogs combined. They are entertaining, eye-catching, digestible, and extremely shareable.

Collaborate with influencers: Influencers help spreads awareness of your brand and increases short-term referral traffic. They can also link the product to your site, generating a good and trustworthy backlink. 

Use link-building statistics to improve your backlinks

Link-building statistics help you to run an impactful backlink campaign. The link-building statistics change over years following the latest SEO trends, so it’s good to learn the most popular strategies used by digital marketers and SEO experts. Here are some of the best link-building statistics to research:


Adam Connell


Backlinks and domain authority

The best backlinks come from a website with high domain authority (DA). When websites with high authority link to you, they tell the search engine that they respect what you say on a particular topic. High-authority websites act as credible referrals to your website, and they can also increase your authority. 

Keep your content relevant by removing broken links

Regularly check your backlinks through your Google Search Console or tools like Moz, Ahrefs, or Semrush. Fixing a broken backlink can help your SEO, as missing pages can lead to reduced authority. Missing links can happen anytime, whether the link was replaced or removed from the site’s owner or the websites that link to you are down or no longer working.