BloggingMy internship at Teamscāl

My internship at Teamscāl

Hello everyone, my name is Julia, and I am currently Junior Project Coordinator at Teamscāl.

Before becoming an official employee, I had the opportunity to participate in a 3-month internship at Teamscāl as Website Support Intern. My internship at Teamscāl is one of my most memorable opportunities, memories, experiences, and challenges in my life.

When someone mentions internships in enterprises, maybe many students will immediately think about making coffee, pouring tea, or being assigned to odd jobs such as photocopying documents, or something like that. I also used to have thoughts, as well. But fortunately, this has never happened yet at all during my internship.

What kind of tasks I can do during the internship

I had a chance to participate in real projects and implement them under my boss’s direction and supervision. Each task performed is reviewed and evaluated in great detail. During the internship, all team members are always ready to provide support and guidance when I encounter any problems during the job. And I was assigned tasks on real projects as well even though I had lots of weaknesses in solving problems and not much previous experience in doing tasks related to the Technology field. Still, everyone will always help me define the most appropriate ways to approach and finish tasks on time. All of these supports made me feel grateful, touching.

What kind of my soft skills improved after ending the internship up

Skills such as communication skills, critical thinking skills, design thinking, are keywords that are not unfamiliar to me when I was still in school. Working at Teamscāl, there is an opportunity to participate in many courses and have practical experiences by observing and learning how all team members work, discuss and resolve the complicated problems together. Since then, I comprehend the importance of this group of skills in the international working environment.

How about the culture working environment?

Choosing a work environment that suits our personality traits is very important. Actually, I do not have much experience working in many different environments. So I am not sure what kind of working environment will be appropriate for me. Fortunately, Teamscāl was the first working environment I experienced, and I am always fascinated, enthusiastic, and super funny as working at Teamscāl. Honestly, I always secretly admire all of the team members, which is a bit shy to show directly to them. Each of them has unique personality traits, and they have a professional attitude and excellent knowledge at work. And they are willing to share and help everyone ready to learn and open mindsets to enhance themselves. They aim to help young people improve their professional skills and essential soft skills in integrating and becoming global citizens. All of their sincere sharing has helped me step by step to implement my future career plan.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone at Teamscāl for always supporting, guiding, and giving me lots of energy to keep moving forward, trying to improve myself day by day. I appreciated it so much!

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