PHP Developer

PHP Developer


Hello, we are Teamscal, an Australian based software development company. We have a growing team in our Vietnam office and we are looking for exceptional software developers to work on a project with a US based startup which will significantly improve people’s lives.
Our team has a great culture that values communication and interaction. We strongly believe that a good team can produce exceptional results. We treat each other with respect but push each other hard to be the best at what we are. We expect a lot from our team members and reward successes.

Who we are looking for

Full-stack developers who have skills in PHP especially in Laravel and are able to help us solve our pain points.

Technologies we are using

PHP especially Laravel. There are a few other technologies (Vue.js, HTML, CSS, AWS) but they’re a little less important.

Pain Points we are facing

We have some pain points around deployment, code quality and merging conflicts. We really want to talk to you if you have ideas about how you can help resolve these.

What we can offer

We can offer you the opportunity to play with some pretty cool new technology and work with some amazing clients. You’ll get a generous salary – above market rates, monthly team building dinners and we make sure that you have the right tools, training and environment to do your job the best you can.
Tell us something about yourself:
  • What do you think is your strength as a developer?
  • What technology would you LOVE to work with?
  • What is your dream for the future?
  • How would you improve the world using technology?
  • (Plus the boring stuff, like salary expectations, availability, your CV, etc)
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