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Have you ever thought about giving up your corporate job and going after your passion? Shane Warne (not the cricket player, the personal trainer this time) dared to go on this journey and shared his experience on different ways to get rewarded, his learning about how to motivate people and the effects of technology on […]

Don’t underestimate the cost of downtime to your business! By the end of 2020 Amazon’s net revenue will reach $321 billion. Amazon was bringing in $610,730 per minute! On June 2007, – the primary portal to purchase goods through Amazon – crashed for roughly two hours. When working this out, this outage would have […]

Michael’s back! We talk about the uses of facial recognition technology in public safety and where the boundaries should be. Turkey has taken receipt of multiple “kamikaze” drones for military uses – we discuss this and how it affects future warfare as well as gamification as a recruitment device.  Lastly we touch back on being [&he