About Us

About Teamscāl

We are a group of nerds, musicians, fathers, software developers, and digital entrepreneurs who band together to build cool products using cutting-edge technology. No matter how big the task, or challenge, our team draws strength from each other to apply the best solutions for our clients. We push limits to get the job done.

Who are we?

We are an Australian company with International clients and experience. Our aim is to help you build your technology ideas. That may be running a proof-of-concept on new technology, prototyping the replacement of a legacy system or building a new mobile app.

Being geeky means that it is both exciting and motivating to apply cutting-edge technology in creative ways to help our visionary clients have a positive impact on the world. We stay up to date with the latest technology and work hard to identify new ways to use that technology to help improve business outcomes.

Our scope is limited and defined. We work best when we are helping businesses improve their existing processes or building out new ideas that help to improve profits, get stakeholder buy-in or showcase a product to potential investors. We keep costs affordable by using talented resources from around the world.

We focus on technology with a team made up of people who also have experience in business and product management. Our core team in Australia is supported by talented individuals from across Southeast Asia and the world, enhancing our delivery and scaling capabilities.

We have delivered successful projects for sole-trader startups through to multinational Fortune 500 companies. Whether you’re sitting on the next innovative and disruptive solution or simply wanting to move your existing technology forward, and need a partner who understands you, then Teamscāl is the right solution for you.

Our Story

Teamscāl (pronounced “team scale”) originated in Australia back in 2013. Built from the need to provide businesses with consulting to improve scalability within technology teams, and deliver outsourced projects. Since then we’ve engaged in such a wide variety of projects and building teams. From website management, eCommerce projects, providing specialist consulting in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), cloud software projects, Agile and AWS training all the way through to large scale data integration projects for clients in countries around Australia, Asia, the US and beyond.

Recently our focus began to shift towards a more exciting direction that would see us concentrate more on how tech teams scale. Our vision has always been to build and manage scalable, talented teams that support visionary enterprises who are improving the world using technology. And we now have dedicated resources in Vietnam as well as amazing partners across South East Asia to help you scale your technology team to grow with your business.

The Core Team

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Michael Lobb

Solutions Consultant

Michael founded Teamscāl in 2013 and continues to drive the company by helping companies design, prototype, build & manage their technology efficiently and effectively. Michael more than 20 years in the technology space in multiple industries. He is a musician and the proud dad of an adorable groodle named Chappie. Originally from New Zealand, Michael now lives in the Gold Coast, Australia, where Teamscāl’s Australian office is based.

Tony Chen

Development Manager

Tony has been working with Teamscāl since 2013 on projects spanning web application development, integration platforms, API integration, database management and more. Having come from an international software development company, Tony now heads up our development team and contributes to architecture, operations and bar hopping where he enjoys karaoke and tequila. Tony and his family are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

About Us I Technology and Software Prototyping I Teamscāl I Teamscal.com

Joey Chen

Project Manager

Part project manager, part business analyst, part scrum-master, Joey is the glue that holds the team together providing communication between business and technical teams while maintaining velocity. She has a long history growing in an international environment and joined Teamscāl in 2017. Joey is someone who leads by example through hard work, she’s everyone’s mum and someone you would definitely love to go for some drinks with. When not travelling the world, Joey is based in Ho Chi Minh City at our Vietnam office.

About Us I Technology and Software Prototyping I Teamscāl I Teamscal.com

Ken Do

Digital Team Lead

Ken joined our team in Vietnam in 2017 as a web developer. While he majored in Finance and Banking, Ken took time to teach himself everything from design to coding, somehow leaving time to learn English and Japanese. He is now pursuing a further degree in technology while steering our digital team. Ken is a quiet guy who does a bit of everything at Teamscāl and is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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