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About us

About us


Have you ever felt stuck with tech support?

We know the feeling. You spent hours looking for references, and created a very detailed brief. Still, because you didn't mention SEO optimisation, your web developer hasn't included anything to improve your web performance. They just stick to the brief. How can you complain? We started our business in 2013 with a focus on helping professionals like you. We're a team of tech and marketing nerds who love using the latest technology for people to empower marketing initiatives. We are here to challenge you, give you ideas, discuss customer experience, and take your marketing strategies to the next level.


Together, we can all do better

We are diverse

We are proud of our multiple ethnicity backgrounds, languages and cultural diversities. This is how we bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table.

We like to help

It’s not just about technology. It’s about helping people to do their work faster and better, so they can spend time doing what they want.

We keep learning

Working with a diverse range of customers requires us to be consistently updating our knowledge; and as geek nerds, we go for this kind of stuff.

The Best Professional team

The people behind the latest project

Michael Lobb

Managing Director

Michael Lobb

Top Dog; creative genius and super-nerd. Solves the problems others cannot. When he’s not neck-deep in tech stuff, he's off with his dogs for a walk or belting out some tunes on the guitar. But seriously, he’s a guy we want to work for.

Nayara Tanin, head of Marketing at Teamscal

Head of Marketing

Nayara Tanin

Communication strategist; creative thinker; making us visible and making us smile each and every day. Talks to our clients about their marketing efforts and how technology can help them improve.

Tony Chen

Technical Manager

Tony Chen

Technical guru; head nerd; works on the hard stuff for any client; family man; former tequila hound; but all-around amazingly nice guy, except for when you improperly indent your Javascript.

Tommy Nguyen

Project Coordinator/Analyst

Tommy Nguyen

Always smiling; always seeing the positive side of something, anything. Organises all of one particular client’s resources, including Michael.

Huynh Chanh

Junior Developer

Chanh (Chánh)

Works hard to improve his shy nature; the junior developer looks the oldest but is actually the youngest in the team, a bit like the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'.

Avi Tran

Assistant Project Manager

Avi Tran

Employed to be Tony’s helper, but somehow has become our project manager. Hounds us to log in our times; organise everyone, documents it and makes sure we are all… well, doing our thing.

Chau Vu

Junior Developer

Chau Vu (Vũ)

Junior programmer; being shared between multiple projects. Makes us laugh with his weird sense of humour; timesheet junkie.

  1. our journey

    We were born!

    The business plan was to advise Australian companies who were outsourcing their software development and help to improve communication and onboarding. The result of this would be a much-improved outcome and a more satisfactory outsourcing experience. Our first client was in the travel industry and we are proud to say that they are still with us today. We have built and supported multiple projects around software development for them. We also began an expansion of our team in the emerging tech market of Vietnam, where we still have a dedicated team today.
  2. our journey

    Growing fast

    Our client base and projects started to increase and included companies in South East Asia. We began our first greenfield engagement with a company in the medical field that was using a software development team in the Philippines. Over the next few years, this product was released and we helped the team transition to supporting their product roadmap. This was the first of many engagements where we were responsible for building the development team as well as participating in product design.
  3. our journey

    Portfolio Expansion

    As our software development and consulting portfolio grew, we started to work with some of our key clients in digital marketing. This was heavily focussed on integration between their front-end and back-end systems including customer relationship packages, email marketing and social media management. Our skill set and experience began to combine with marketing teams and agencies and we started to focus on the grey area between marketing and technology.
  4. our journey

    Community Network

    LKT Consulting was rebranded as Teamscāl. With this came a lot of motivational changes and some key hires in our senior management team including bringing on Joey Chen as Operations Manager fresh from her tenure with a key French-based outsourcing company. Our second major green-fields software development project began with a client in the USA, this time in hospitality with funding from angel investors and a team in India providing development services being driven by Teamscāl. Along with this we also began the journey on a multi-year project to replace legacy software and websites for one of Australia’s largest privately-owned resort management groups. We joined with several of our local and international groups including the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Austrade and the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce. This enabled us to find ways to contribute back to our community both locally and internationally.
  5. our journey

    The industry changed, and so did we!

    Throughout the pandemic, many things forever changed the world as we knew it. We decided it was a good time to review our business model and add more services to our portfolio. Nayara Tanin came on board to drive our internal marketing as well as digital marketing product for our clients. Despite the many challenges we faced together as a team, it only serves to galvanise us. We understand how difficult business can be, and we’re here to help ride the bumps with you while assisting you in moving forward with your tech. The best is yet to come, stay tuned!

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