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5 Marketing Apps to Totally Rocking Your Business Online

As the world changes, technology takes the lead and all ventures follow—including marketing. Just 10 years ago, your marketing efforts might still largely focused on getting featured on magazine pages, radio ads, or printing pamphlets. Now, you can run your entire digital marketing via your computer. From planning ad campaigns to designing promotional posters and reaching your customers, digital marketing has completely taken the wheel.

On the other hand, your customers also spend most of their time online. The digitalization of everything allows the information pool to be more extensive than ever and it takes more than make-believe content or gimmicks to convince your customers. Today, a successful digital marketing campaign involves understanding your customers, and what they want, and designing a tailor-made plan that follows the requirements.

This is why a digital marketer today needs to be more agile than ever. You need to take a 360º view to understand the customer’s digital journey, and thus understand the tools that you need to create a strategic digital marketing campaign. Our team at Temescal shares some of the must-have digital marketing tools to make your digital marketing journey easier. Please let us know what you think and feel free to add yours to the list.

Website: WIX

Today, having a website is everything if you want to strengthen your digital presence. It is your home in the digital world. Your website is the place where you can tell the world about your services, list and update your products, and place your promotion; everything your customers want to know about you. 

With more than 200 million users across the globe, the popularity of Wix is largely credited to its ease. Building a website with Wix needs no prior coding skills. It is very beginner-friendly that even anyone with zero coding knowledge can build a professional-looking website. The drag and drop building tools make it very easy to use for beginners. The vast array of eCommerce tools makes it great to open an online store. It has the extensive tools you need to build small to bigger websites, so you can grow your website anytime without having to build one from scratch again. You can also customize your website template so that it appears precisely how you want it, thanks to the enormous flexibility of the template and the creative freedom that it gives.

Get it now:

Cost: Free to use with some premium services at subscription costs.

Design and Content Creator Tools: Canva

Canva is a tool that makes it exceedingly simple to produce parts of graphic design with a polished appearance quickly. You can quickly make a graphic on Canva whether you need one for a social media post, to liven up a client report or presentation, or both.

For a variety of professional needs, Canva offers hundreds of pre-made themes. Even those of us with the least design ability can produce something elegant and expert because it also includes helpful photos and font recommendations.

Get it now:

Cost: Free to use, with some elements, templates, fonts, and images at a subscription cost.

Project Management: Trello

Trello is a wonderful project management software for small teams that only need to get better organized and have visibility into their job and don’t require a lot of tools or features.

Trello uses a system of cards that functions similarly to digital index cards on a large virtual pinboard. The cards can be moved and arranged in any way you desire, and you can even add collaborators, files, and due dates.

Get it now:

Cost: Free to use, with premium packages offering advanced features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Hubspot

We all want to maintain the best relationships with our customers. While there is plenty of CRM software out there, Hubspot is our favorite. It features educational content for its clients that we think is a plus.

The CRM service at Hubspot is forever free and the platform is very easy to use, but you will need to pay extra to gain access to the library of popular marketing tools. The Hubspot is composed of many tools and “hubs” that can be purchased separately or all at once. There are even free premium features that you can download and use right out of the box. These are all great options, but the one you choose will depend on your company’s needs.

Get it now:
Cost: Free, with premium packages offering advanced features

Social Media: Hootsuite

Probably the most used tool by digital marketers, Hootsuite is the social media wizard. It helps you manage social media platforms, schedule posts, track engagements, measure traffics, plan any upcoming campaigns, and more.

The software has five distinct plans, one of which is free. You can schedule up to five posts at once, manage two social media accounts, and have access to one user with the free edition plan. From their user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly write, schedule, and customize posts for all of the networks to which you are linked. Also, you can link the Hootsuite to over 20 other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others.

Get it now:
Cost: Free, with premium packages offering advanced features

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