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Sandbox is a multipurpose HTML5 template with various layouts which will be a great solution for your business.

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what we do

The tech your business needs


Create digital experiences at scale. We are experienced in migrating business to innovative technology to offer better service to your clients.

Seamless process

Get the most out of your system, save time and money. Our team are specialists in providing solutions that make your processes more efficient.

Make things happen

Do you need a hand to execute your ideas? Or finish a never-ending project? We are a full stack of nerds who are always looking for new challenges.

How It Works?

Before talking about tech, we take the time to understand your goals and your business strategy, so you can find the right technology to support it.


Discovery Call

30 min call free of charge to understand your business goals, who are the target users and we will start to think about solutions within your budget.


Experts onboard

Our expert team gets together to brainstorm ideas and find the available solutions in the market, and if there is none, we will create a custom solution to your needs.


Hands on production

We present an estimated quote with a solution. Our tech guys will check your tech environment creating a detailed timeframe and get the ball rolling.


We work on organisations across public, private and social sectors

Why Us?


We are technologically agnostic

We take a holistic approach to our services, exploring everything from the business strategy to find the right provider, project delivery and implementation.


We focus on long-term relationships

In the market since 2013, we are an Australian based company who truly cares for our customers. Our first client has remained with us since then.


Continuously learning

Technology is constantly changing, and so are we. Working with a diverse range of customers requires us to adapt and update our knowledge consistently; as geek nerds, we go for this kind of stuff.


We like to help

It's not just about technology. It's about helping people to do their work faster and better, so they can spend time doing what they want. So that means more freedom of choice in life!

Meet the Team

Who really makes a difference

A team of tech and marketing nerds who love using the latest technology designed for people to empower their businesses through digital transformation.

Team Member

Cliff Bunten


Head Honcho; big picture guy, problem solver, true believer. Searches for the perfect customer, likes to work on several impossible things at once. Cooks up a storm in the kitchen, karaoke king whenever he gets the chance. Dedicated to being the best support act for our amazing team.

Team Member

Michael Lobb


Renowned for his unrivalled problem-solving skills, he tackles challenges that leave others scratching their heads. You can find him strolling alongside his beloved dogs or jamming on the guitar when he's not diving into the latest tech trends. With his exceptional expertise and infectious passion, Michael is someone we all aspire to work alongside.

Team Member

Tony Chen

Tech Lead

Technical guru; head nerd; works on the hard stuff for any client; family man; former tequila hound; but all-around amazingly nice guy; except for when you improperly indent your Javascript.

Team Member

Avi Tran

Project Coordinator

Our skilled content expert turned project manager effortlessly handles headless CMS. From humble beginnings as Tony's assistant to a meticulous organiser, she documents progress and keeps us on track. With sharp attention to detail and exceptional coordination, Avi ensures top-notch results and drives our team's success.

“We are grateful for their immense dedication in helping us build our brand. They have been across all aspects of marketing since day 1 and we are extremely satisfied with the outcome. We are beyond thankful for all their brilliant inputs.”

Mari Borromeo
General Manager - ProSource

"They are responsive, ethical, knowledgeable and patient with people who are not tech savvy!"

Kimberley Kevan

“If you need a development team with a diverse set of skills, good project management, and leadership that will do more than just allocate, Teamscal is a great company to consider for your next project.”

Mitch McCline

"They are a reliable team of experts, dedicated and responsive even though they are not right here next to you. Highly recommend."

Marie Hallett

“We were looking for a partner to enable fast delivery of early product visibility and software capabilities. We approached Teamscal and have not looked back. They have been creative and responsive to our rapidly changing and challenging needs.

David Camus
One Bright Cloud

“Teamscal's approach has resulted in rapid, timely, and quality delivery, starting with quick and creative prototyping, to a market-validating MVP, which allowed us to raise capital and bring a full product to market.”

Mark Surkin

"Responsive, thorough. Ability to see the bigger picture to value add on projects above and beyond expectations."

Jeff Dermann
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