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Sandbox is a multipurpose HTML5 template with various layouts which will be a great solution for your business.

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Our Solutions

We find the right solution for you

what we do

Practical tech solutions for your business


Transforming business with scalable digital solutions. We migrate businesses to innovative technology, enhancing client service.


Streamlined systems for time and cost savings. Our specialists optimise your processes for maximum efficiency.


Your tech challenges, our nerd stack. Need help executing ideas or completing projects? Our versatile team is ready for any challenge.

How we do it

Before talking about tech, we take the time to understand your goals and your business strategy, so you can find the right technology to support it.


Discovery Call

A 60-minute call to understand your business goals, target users, budgets, priorities and best-case desired outcomes. 


Experts onboard

Our expert team gets together to brainstorm ideas, analyse costs, understand the business value and build a basic roadmap to meet your outcomes and priorities.


Hands on production

We present this roadmap and timeframes to achieve your goals. We then talk about how this can be achieved and the resources available.


We collaborate with a diverse range of organisations, spanning public, private, and social sectors.

Why Us?


We are technologically agnostic

We approach our services holistically, examining solutions, costs, and aligning them with your business strategy. This guides our provider selection, project planning, and seamless implementation.


We prioritise enduring partnerships

With roots dating back to 2013, our Australia-based company is deeply committed to customer satisfaction, exemplified by our first-ever client's continued trust in us.


We're always staying ahead

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, our diverse range of projects keeps us on our toes, pushing us to continually update our knowledge. We're passionate about staying ahead in this geeky world


We're here to make a difference

Our focus isn't just on technology; it's on empowering individuals to work more efficiently, freeing up their time to pursue what matters most to them—a greater choice in life.

Meet the Team

Who really makes a difference

A team of tech and marketing nerds who love using the latest technology designed for people to empower their businesses through digital transformation.

Team Member

Cliff Bunten


Teamscal's dynamic CEO, whose leadership recipe blends sharp business acumen with a pinch of culinary flair. Known for juggling multiple 'impossible' projects with the same ease as hitting high notes in karaoke, Cliff's 30-year career spans founding and successfully selling a tech company, mastering the art of stakeholder coordination, and fostering a collaborative team spirit. As the visionary behind Teamscal's growth, he's as much a strategic maestro as he is the team's supportive cornerstone.

Team Member

Michael Lobb


Michael combines a love for technology with a creative spirit. Known for his unparalleled problem-solving skills, Michael thrives on transforming innovative ideas into tangible tech solutions across diverse sectors like finance, healthcare, and government. His decade-long journey of building a high-performing tech team reflects his belief in technology as a catalyst for business enhancement, not a barrier. When not navigating the latest cloud solutions or tech outsourcing, Michael indulges in his passion for music as a songwriter and producer, often accompanied by his dogs, Chappie and Pocky, and a glass of fine Japanese whiskey.

Team Member

Tony Chen

Tech Lead

Tony Chen is the tech wizard and driving force behind Teamscal's project successes. As the head nerd and technical guru, he skillfully leads delivery and support teams, tackling the toughest challenges for clients across Australia, Asia, and the US. Since Teamscal's inception, Tony has been integral to every project, bringing a potent mix of strong software development skills and an approachable leadership style. A family man and reformed tequila enthusiast, Tony is known for his amiable nature, unless, of course, he encounters improperly indented JavaScript.

Team Member

Avi Tran

Project Coordinator

Teamscal's content and project management virtuoso, harmonizes her expertise in headless CMS with a passion for precision and organization. Since joining in 2021, Avi's journey from Tony's assistant to a key project manager is marked by her meticulous documentation and her ability to keep projects perfectly aligned. Beyond her role, Avi is known for her green thumb, cultivating an impressive garden of tropical fruits and a variety of lush plants, reflecting her nurturing nature and attention to detail. Her dedication to both her work and her garden drives Teamscal's success, ensuring every project flourishes just like her beloved botanicals.

“We are grateful for their immense dedication in helping us build our brand. They have been across all aspects of marketing since day 1 and we are extremely satisfied with the outcome. We are beyond thankful for all their brilliant inputs.”

Mari Borromeo
General Manager - ProSource

"They are responsive, ethical, knowledgeable and patient with people who are not tech savvy!"

Kimberley Kevan

“If you need a development team with a diverse set of skills, good project management, and leadership that will do more than just allocate, Teamscal is a great company to consider for your next project.”

Mitch McCline

"They are a reliable team of experts, dedicated and responsive even though they are not right here next to you. Highly recommend."

Marie Hallett

“We were looking for a partner to enable fast delivery of early product visibility and software capabilities. We approached Teamscal and have not looked back. They have been creative and responsive to our rapidly changing and challenging needs.

David Camus
One Bright Cloud

“Teamscal's approach has resulted in rapid, timely, and quality delivery, starting with quick and creative prototyping, to a market-validating MVP, which allowed us to raise capital and bring a full product to market.”

Mark Surkin

"Responsive, thorough. Ability to see the bigger picture to value add on projects above and beyond expectations."

Jeff Dermann
Classic Holidays