What We Do

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    Managed Outsourcing


    Scalability is important to growing companies. Teamscāl was built with this in mind. Our aim is to support your growing company by building highly skilled, talented technology teams to expand your internal capability, allowing you to focus on your core business.

    With a core team based in Vietnam and partners throughout South East Asia, we are a western managed company bringing an international level of quality and standards, as well as 60 years+ experience in our executive team, to operational and project management.

    Being geeky means that it is both exciting and motivating to apply cutting-edge technology in creative ways to help our visionary client have a positive impact on the world.

    We apply this thinking to our operations, employing the latest tools to make international communication a pleasure. With today’s office technologies, global boundaries are no longer the barrier they once were.

    When recruiting we focus on finding talented engineers who have a positive and enthusiastic attitude. We create a supportive environment that can deliver results, while encouraging growth and research into the latest technologies.

    Teamscāl can help you grow by building volume on top of innovation.


    Dial an Exchange (DAE) is a leading timeshare company across the globe. We have been providing this company with on-going IT support since 2013, which includes backend solutions, front-end & digital development, database structures, CTO level consultancy and managing offshore development.


    Teamscāl were engaged to design and manage the development of a green-fields cloud-based Clinic/Practice Management System for Allied Health Professionals. Managing communication between cross-functional teams in Philippines, Vietnam and Australia including stakeholder and budget management.

    Dineable App

    Teamscāl were engaged to design and manage the development of a green-fields cloud-based web application for a startup endeavour based in Philadelphia, USA. The application provides users with an opportunity input any dietary restrictions they may have, create a dietary profile which can then be forwarded to participating restaurants as part of an advanced booking process.

    Custodian Wealth Management

    Teamscāl has been providing the JLF Grp of companies with eCommerce, Digital Marketing & IT consulting and support since 2014. Included has been the design, implementation, & maintaining of several websites; successful management of SEO & Conversion strategies, Adwords & other PPC campaigns, content management, Site security, & much more… 

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